Excellent Training

Introductory through Advanced, PPC offers training certifications at all levels and topics to enhance your skills to handle every situation. Our classroom based and online platforms enable continuous learning.


Excellent medical coverage with multiple ACA compliant plan options to meet your budget and health care needs.

Advancement Opportunities

Are you a top performer? Phoenix rewards excellence with leadership and promotion opportunities.


Affordable and convenient, our dental coverage with 100% preventative care coverage helps keep you ahead of the game.

Flexible hours

We operate on a 24 hour basis. Weekends, nights and day shifts available.


PPC sponsors a 401(k) plan with exceptional investment options for the beginner to the most advanced saver. Stretch your pre-tax retirement savings further with our 50% matching benefit.

Tuition Reimbursement

PPC reimburses and sponsors team members in job related continuing education programs.

Paid time off

Generous paid time off earned starting with Day One. Compliant with all state and federal requirements our Sick/Vacation/and PTO programs recognize your need for a full pay check and work/life balance.

Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP provides select services for PPC team members and their families which includes counseling for legal, personal and financial matters as well as on site trauma counseling, referrals for childcare, pet care and senior care and numerous other benefits and no-cost services.