Do your profits walk out the door in the hands of shoplifters?

Shoplifting is costly to all of us – as a retailer, you recognize the impact it has on your business.


One way you can mitigate these losses is through hiring loss prevention agents to apprehend shoplifters. Phoenix Protective Corporation offers this service to retail stores throughout the Northwest. Our experienced agents know the tricks thieves use. And through our civil recovery program, we can collect not only the cost of the merchandise but up to $750 in fines from those apprehended.

Why use loss prevention?

  • The word on the street is that you’re an easy target. The way to stop criminal activity is to be known as a business that takes shoplifting seriously and enforces criminal penalties.
  • External theft is second to internal theft as a cause of shrinkage. Agents send a message to your employees as well that skimming, sweetheart deals, improper refunding and other employee misconduct is unacceptable.

Why choose Phoenix Protective Corporation?

  • Protect your liability – We carry liability insurance specifically written to cover shoplifting related incidents protecting you and your employees from risk.
  • Less management time – We take the work out of adding one more employee to your staff. We handle all of the hiring, screening, training, and payroll process so you have more time to focus on your business.
  • More flexibility – We have a variety of agents available so the “regulars” don’t learn who your loss prevention team is and what they look like. We work different times and days based on your traffic needs.
  • Civil Recovery – provides a means for shopkeepers to recover the costs of stolen merchandise and a loss prevention program. We manage this for you and the returns help offset your expenses.