Need information but don’t have the time or the expertise to obtain it?  Our investigators are experts in finding what you need to know.

Workers Compensation Fraud:

  • “I slipped.”
  • “My back is hurt.”
  • “I can’t come to work today because I am sick from fumes at work.”

Sound familiar?  These all too familiar phrases are commonplace in the workplace.  What can you do?  These claims cost you time, energy, and money.  With our knowledgeable investigators, you can fight fraudulent claims, keep your insurance rates low, and focus on your business at hand.  Tried and true techniques augmented by cutting edge technology keep costs at bay and results on top!

Trademark Infringement/Competitive Intelligence:

Buy a business, sell a business, compete for more business?  Your business, its reputation, and your success depend on customer brand recognition.  You have spent money to establish your good name – how is it being used?

Your competitors successfully win a bid.  Are they fulfilling the project needs according to specifications?  Who are their newest customers?  This information is often easily available to the public who knows where to look.  We do!  Let us help you hone your competitive edge.

Internal Theft Investigations

Have your margins dropped but inventory and sales have remained steady?  Where is the money going?  Nationally recognized statistics state that up to 80% of a business’s losses due to theft are by employees – internal theft.  Many owners and managers trust their employees.  But here is what the employees say:

  • “They owed it to me.”
  • “I don’t get paid enough.”
  • “I work too hard.”
  • “I didn’t think I would get caught.”
  • “It was only $2.00.”

These statements reflect the majority of employees who do get caught.  And only $2.00 multiplied over days and days by 100s of employees are a drain on business.

Our investigators use a number of tools and techniques to track down your losses while overall consulting on long term methods to sustain your internal controls.